Thursday, 29 March 2012

My Personal Learning Environment

I'm currently preparing a presentation for the ASC / CHOBE Conference at Birmingham City University in April. In the presentation I talk about the potential power of Web 2.0 technologies in construction education and I make reference to personal learning environments. I had a go at defining my own personal learning environment almost two years ago as part of my OU studies, but I thought it was time I updated it. So here's my latest effort:

Three things really strike me in comparing this version to the one from 2010. Firstly, the sheer increase in the number of applications and devices I am using, and the fact that I can access virtually all of the applications from all of the devices, and in most cases they are all synchronised. Secondly, I have introduced graphical references to 'the cloud'. This is to represent the fact that, increasingly, all the data I am accessing is being stored remotely. I still keep files on my own devices, but a lot of the stuff I access on a daily basis is held elsewhere. Finally, one of the most significant changes is that I have removed any distinction between different aspects of my life. Thus, I haven't really distinguished between work-based applications, personal stuff, and those aspects related to my studies. I'm not sure whether this is a positive change, but I have definitely experienced a blurring of the boundaries between different aspects of my digital life!